Please Don’t Run Away (video)

I made another pseudo music video. This one is for the song Pills by Joji. I had a weird nostalgic/blue vibe from this song so I used old footage from the beach and made this video.

I hope you enjoy it!

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Suicidal Weakness (Video)

I was listening to Kendrick Lamar’s To Pimp a Butterfly a lot lately, and the song really stuck out to me. I didn’t fully appreciate the album when it first came out, but, now it is my second favorite album just under Good Kid,  M.A.A.D City.

The second half of really stuck with me. It was really visceral, dark, and catches you off guard. The ending line, “The world’ll know money can’t stop a suicidal weakness,” is haunting in its honest bluntness.

Anyone who has struggled with depression or suicidal thoughts knows that riches, fame, or any external pleasure won’t fix it. It is an internal struggle that you have to face alone, which is why it is so difficult and isolating.

I wanted the video to capture the (for a lack of a better word) black and white thinking that someone has when you enter this state. People tend to focus on past regrets or future worries and that bogs them down even further in the muck.

The most haunting part of that half of the song is the familiarity of the tone and language being used. A lot of people have negative “self talk” and I imagine it sounds similar to the song.

It is somewhat cathartic to share these kinds of stories with others because it lets us know we are not alone in our struggle and we are not truly alone.

Ethan’s Favorite Music Videos

Music videos have a bad reputation. I will agree that the majority of them are bad, but there are some that rise above.

Here are my favorite music videos in no particular order:

Kendrick Lamar- ELEMENT

I really love the vision of this video. It is so clear and well executed. The cinematography is beautiful and conveys a wide breadth of emotion.

Modest Mouse- King Rat

The animation in this video is so quirky and weird. It fits the tone of the song perfectly.

Transit- I’m So Indie

The video (and the song) is really funny especially if you’re a closeted hipster.

The Verve- Bittersweet Symphony

A simple idea executed perfectly!

Nirvana- Smells Like Teen Spirit

A little time capsule of 90’s grunge.

J. Cole- False Prophets

I think this video encapsulates Cole and his music perfectly.

Tool- Sober

This stop motion video conveys the tone of the song with very interesting and creative visuals.

The Shins- Simple Song

Tells an engaging story.

The Talking Heads- Once in a Lifetime

Abstract weirdness.

Devo- Beautiful World

Dark humor!

Wall Of Voodoo- Mexican Radio

I don’t even know.

Beastie Boys- Intergalactic

Giant. Robots.

Eminem- Stan

It hits you like a freight train. No sugar coating.

Johnny Cash- Hurt

A little package of despair and regret.


The feeling of an existential crisis.

Imagine Dragons- Radioactive

The video is infinitely better than the song, also puppets.

Gorrilaz- Clint Eastwood

Wacky Gorillazness.

Weezer- Island In The Sun


Peter Bjorn and John- Young Folks

It’s all about conveying tone people.

Rhythms del Mundo ft. Arctic Monkeys- Dancing Shoes

Yo balio mucho.

Katy Perry- Last Friday Night (TGIF)

A guilty pleasure.

Taylor Swift- Shake It Off

A self aware time capsule of 2014.

Gwen Stefani- Hollaback Girl

“Super kawaii.”

Weird Al- Amish Paradise

Pretty self explanatory.

The Lonely Island- Jack Sparrow

I like movies.

Bo Burnham- Repeat Stuff

Brilliant satire.

Soundgarden- Black Hole Sun

Bloodhound Gang- Fire Water Burn

Funny premise executed well.

Wheatus- Teenage Dirtbag

Warms my withered heart.


What are your favorite music videos?