Chronicles of Weeaboo- Chapter 3

Another episode of The Chronicles of Weeaboo has been completed!

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This one was especially interesting because I couldn’t get all the locations I wanted. Luckily, I found a soultion that worked better!

In this episode, Wally recieves help from a familar face that puts him back on track for his adventure.

I hope you enjoy it!

Special thanks to Trisha Wheeler for awesome performance as Kyoko!

I Made A Short About Pooping

It’s getting around the time of year when I made my first film, The Bench, so I decided to make another silent short film. Phantom, tells the story of one man’s strange bathroom experience.

I some how manage to shoot it all in the family bathroom without being interrupted or caught. I live with six people, so that alone is an achievement. I had a lot of fun making it and I hope you will enjoy it!.

P.S. I am slowly raising money for, A Bird in Hand. I hope to have it re-edited and back out there early next year.