Conspiracy Poetry Slam

I like poetry, but lately the art form has fallen on hard times. What once was succint expression of our deepest thoughts and emotions has now turned into another outlet to whine about politics. So much for poetry about chapter headings.

While political expression is fine and dandy, art with sole purpse of expressing idealogy tends to be rather stale. There is much more to the human experience than which arbitrary political party has power.

With that in mind, I have distilled all the feverish fears, general anger, and rampant paranoia of our time into verse and video for your viewing displeasure.


Goldman-Sachs, data hacked, no one’s got our back.

New World Order.

Fluoride water, President’s daughter, Ivanka’s hotter.

New World Order.

Thanos Game, Disney shame, Palpatine lame.

New Word Order.

People die, babies cry, censored hentai.

New Word Order.

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It’s been awhile, hasn’t it? A lot has transpired since my last post. I’ll keep this short and sweet. I’m making a lot of big changes so expect more from me soon! I will be updating the blog more as well.

Here is some of what I have been up to:

I did an interview with Jim Rodgers from Nearly Native Nursery. We talked about native plants and their effect on the ecosystem. Check it out!

I started a podcast with some friends! If you enjoy odd, irreverent humor, check out I Got Nothin’!

Also, I’ve been appearing on Brandon Jay’s podcast and vlog, Startup from the Bottom.

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