Edge of Adolescence

As of Friday, I will no longer be a teenager. I’m not really a sentimental person, but I see an opportunity to re-access and reflect.

There is a pervasive idea that circumstances force you to become an “adult” (culturally speaking) and to become an “adult” is a pitiful thing. I have always found those ideas to be very strange. I believe that you become an “adult” when you decide to take on the responsibility. I didn’t especially like being a child and I wouldn’t want to return to that state again.

When I was growing up, an adult was the most admirable thing you could be in my mind. My parents had interesting careers and interesting life experiences. Adulthood seemed more of an adventure than the monotony of schoolwork. I realize this might not be the case in everyone’s experience, but my parents made carrying responsibility look noble.

Adults have options. Children do not. You can change careers when you are 35, but if you are tired of 5th Grade, it sucks to be you.

In my 19 years I have come to conclusion that childhood is no risk and no reward, while adulthood is all risk and all reward.