10 of My Favorite Movie Scenes

When executed properly, scenes tell their own individual stories. When woven together those stories become the narrative of the film. Sometimes some of the scenes stick with you longer than others.

Here are 10 of my favorite scenes from across cinema in no particular order.

10.  Under the Skin- Victim #2

When I first saw this scene it terrified me. The more I have watched it and thought about it, the scene terrifies me more. I have no idea what is happening and the mystery still haunts me to this day.

9.  Reservoir Dogs- Mexican Standoff 

For reasons I don’t quite understand, this scene is the probably the reason that I pursue filmmaking. It is perfectly executed and very effective.

8. Paths of Glory- Charging out of the Trenches

In the this scene, I feel present in the moment. I feel the thump of artillery in my chest. I feel tense and I admire Kirk Douglas’ character for the raw courage he is showing. Filmmaking at its finest.

7. Anomalisa- Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

This is a very simple, but effective scene. It is just two shots that convey so much emotion. I really empathized with these two tiny puppets.

6. Ex Machina- Jackson Pollack 

Oscar Isaac steals the show.

5. Mindhunter- Time Keeps on Slippin’ 

Easily the best montage I have ever seen.

4. A Ghost Story- I Feel Overwhelmed

I absolutely adore this film and this scene is an example of what you can do with a just a little intimate moment.

3. Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead-  It’s Not Fair!

This scene hits me hard. Perhaps, it is because of how Hoffman died, but it feels so raw and genuine.

2. 13 Assassins- Duel

Perfectly executed and brilliantly composed.

1.  Swiss Army Man- Life 

This scene is as comical as it is profound.