It’s That Time of Year Again

*This probably going to come off as a rant.*

Why do I have to drive over an hour to see any films made by actual humans? I like corporations making feature length advertisements as much as the next guy, but some self restraint would be nice.

Last film I’m exerting effort for this year:

When you have Phases of films to release, like the 10 Plagues wreaking destruction on the  Egyptians, it is a tad overwhelming. Disney mass produces films so fast that it is disturbing. From watching them, I can tell that no significant thought was put into them, but it is impressive nonetheless.

The absolute worse part the MCU, SWU, FU, etc. is how other studios are trying to adapt to Disney’s business model. Remember when you could watch a Warner Brothers or Universal film without having to be prescribed anti-depressants? I have vague memories of it. I am genuinely surprised that we didn’t have a Paul Blart Cinematic Universe from Sony.

Adobe Spark (3).jpg

Disney is even threatening the very existence of movie theaters. Apparently Star Wars need more than a $1,000,000,000 per film to rehash old story lines. Perhaps, every individual Porg is $1,000,000 to render for the final film. Who knows?

If Disney took a slight risk with any of their franchises, maybe I wouldn’t be so annoyed. However, if you have one Marvel film, you have basically seen them all. It is the same for Star Wars.

They do make baffling decisions with their own properties, like The Jungle Book (2016), where King Louie is doing an impression of Marlon Brando from Apocalypse Now for some unknown reason.


The only entertainment I get out of their “original” films is by heckling it. The use of CGI is embarrassing for a major release by a major studio. It appears that they stripped out any material from the animated versions that would make the film progress in any coherent way. It baffles me that anyone would look at the classic, animated Disney films and think, “We should make this live-action!” The whole charm comes from the animation. How do you not understand this about your own properties?


I don’t have a problem with people enjoying these films. To each their own. The problem for me, lies in the overabundance of them. Like I said before, I have to travel over an hour to see a different kind of film. It’s okay to like Taco Bell, there is nothing wrong with that, but wouldn’t nice occasionally to eat something else? There in lies the problem of Disney.

I think I’m done now.