“Who Killed Eggins?” Remastered and Recut

In 2014, I wanted to make a Noir film with eggs, so I did. Who Killed Eggins?,  is my favorite film from the EMagnusTV Era (2010-2014), where I learned a lot about filmmaking without any real knowledge or education.

In 2014, I would have been 16 years old. While my peers were going on dates, buying cars, and “having fun”, I was making eggs talk in my basement. I was at a particularly awkward stage where I was a high school junior (?) taking my first filmmaking classes at a community college with twenty-somethings.

The fact that I was able to edit it in to something coherent is interesting, but I find that the sense of humor still bears resemblance to my current work even more interesting. If you watch The Bench, or Phantom, you can still see that weird humor. Glad to know I was always this weird.

I had a lot of fun recutting this film because I had forgotten a lot of jokes in it and found them hilarious in retrospect. I remember being embarrassed about making this film and thinking it was awful, but now I realize that it was not edited properly and it is a perfectly fine, little comedy short.

You can view the original here.