Rated E For Edgy

YouTube has been “cleaning” up the site for advertisers. If content is deemed as offensive it can be demonetized, locked as private, or even get you banned from the site. A lot of content creators, but especially politically conservative and independent channels have been effected.

I didn’t think I would be affected because I don’t make political content and I am a tiny channel.


I was wrong! A video that I had posted on my main channel about being afraid of Tumblr was deemed too EXTREME for advertisers.

NOTE: This video was private for a like month because I was transitioning the main channel to more serious content. I did upload it to CutesyDoodle.

The video in question:

The joke is that this guy has an unpopular opinion, but is so afraid of the backlash he goes into hiding. That’s it. What I am saying doesn’t matter. I could say, “Kitty face” repeatedly and it would have the same effect.

The unpopular opinion was that we should judge a movie by its own merits, not by who made it. I know this is really fringe stuff, but I digress.

I do find it amusing that Google would go out of there way to bother a video with 35 views. They truly are the people’s champion.