Mustangs and Mistakes

This past weekend, I ventured with my family to Lexington, KY to see Elizabeth Bussey compete in the youth division of the Extreme Mustang Makeover.  So naturally, I borrowed a Canon Rebel T6i and the Canon 18-135mm lens from work to capture the event.

In my infinite wisdom, I didn’t borrow a tripod with a tripod. I realized this about an hour into our 6 six hour trip. I shot the event handheld and it was better than nothing, but it wasn’t up to my standards. Adobe Premiere’s Warp Stabilizer is a great tool, but it isn’t perfect. For a lot of events, I use a video monopod because of its slight portability advantage. The Stabilizer works pretty well for shots on the monopod, but, as I learned, going handheld at 135mm is a task too great.

Here is the video I was managed to cobble together. To me, it is definition, “meh.”

*Note: This video is not on my main channel.*

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